Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remember the Sonshine Girls "Series?"

I have refrained from venting about my book, Sonshine Girls: Summer Secret. In 2008 I was approached by a publisher (Summertime Books) and offered a contract that would see at least five more books published in this series. I have completed book two and have books three and four half complete. The publisher violated the contract and has since dropped off the face of the earth. The book is still for sale on Amazon--- PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AS I GET NO ROYALTIES--- and it is still selling. I can tell by the drop in rank numbers..it goes lower, there's been a sale.

My good friend and publisher at Tide Dancer Publications has tried without success to reach the owner of this publishing company. The only complaint that I received from my publisher in a beat-around-the-bush-manner was that I didn't market my books enough. I'm shy...extremely shy. I have Social Anxiety Disorder. Picking up a phone puts knots in my stomach. I repeated this over and over. Before anyone says anything, YES..I realize that authors play a big part in marketing their books. I did my personal best. I know that. Summertime Books published my book with a beautiful cover...and then, just dropped the ball. I'm not a publicist...I'm not a marketer. I'm a reclusive author. I sucked it up for book signings...The least they can do is contact me via email. At least send me my royalties!

This publisher took away my ability to publish my other books in this series. They would have been:

Sonshine Girls: Summer Secret
Sonshine Girls: Operation Salvation
Sonshine Girls: The Trouble with Joy
Sonshine Girls: Head Over Heals

Those are the titles that I was working on... Operation Salvation is complete. My contract is due to end this year and I hope that will give me my rights back? The contract should be void due to the fact that the publisher handed over the company and ME to another individual. It was written in the contract that this could not be done. If anyone has any other information, please let me know. I want to either publish myself (I feel safer that way) or publish with Tide Dancer Publications.

I have had many people ask about when this series would continue... let me say that I am ready to go... and my books are in the works. I'm sorry that this has taken such a bad turn!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Let Me Tell You What Sucks

Here's what sucks: Medical insurance. I don't have any and I need to go to the doctor. What sucks is that I'm cheap. I don't want to waste money on a doctor's appointment when I could spend it on something else such as house things or kid things. I've created a habit of spending money on anyone but me...if I can help it. For the one person who knows about my issue and has practically begged me to go to the doctor, well, we did call. For about $500.00 I can "find out" if my lump is cancer or not. And for how much more could I actually fight it if it is? Ugh! What if it's not? Do you know how many different ways I can spend $500?

Medicaid? Ha! That's another thing that sucks. Owning your own business and seeing lots of income but in all honesty, bills and employees gobble that up. What sucks is calling the doctor and having them say to call back on Monday to find out about the place across the street that deals with lumps. Lumps...ugh...stupid word. Considering that my lump has been here for almost a year (or at least that's when I found it) and that I'm having shortness of breath and chest pain, I'll give myself about a 95% chance that it IS cancer. It sucks that I probably can't afford the treatment. On the other hand, sometimes I don't even care.

I want to finish Dead Butterflies but I've pretty much given up. I'll get excited about it for maybe five minutes and then move on to something else...like laundry. I have a why bother attitude most days. But then sometimes I'll look at the house or the kids and think, "Will I get to see this or that happen? Will I be there for his or her birthday? Will I get to do this or that with them?" One minute I want to rush to the doctor and demand answers...with money I don't have. Other times I just want to get it over with...death that is...without the cost of treatment...so that no one has to go into debt.

So yeah, it sucks...it's like a toss of a coin. Live? Die? Buy a pool or get chemo? The pool sounds nice.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Trying to Stick With It

Blogging! I'm trying to stick with blogging! I'm finding my low-carb changes to be easier than I thought after logging my foods yesterday. I'm not taking the drastic approach this time. I'm easing in so that I can actually stick with it. As for blogging, my goal is to try and blog something each day. I'll feel successful at this point in time if I actually get in a few sentences. Where oh where did my blogging spirit go?

So my plan is to stick to under 100 carbs a day. That's it. Of course I'll watch calories and fat and fiber and all that hooha...but to be honest, this is the easiest thing I've done. I know that as of right now I can't stick to the Induction Phase of Atkin's. Seriously? Me? 20 net carbs a day? I've started logging my food again at MyFitnessPal, updated my ticker and my mind is already thinking low-carb. Like for tacos, making a shell out of cheese!!! Saw it on the foodnetwork many moons ago... worth a freakin' low-carb try!

I'll keep you updated.. .no, haven't been to the doctor. Who the hell can afford breast cancer these days? Maybe eating low-carb will take the lump away..maybe I just accidentally swallowed a weird rock or something...and it's lodged. Juan has insisted that I go to the doctor but I insist that he take his little smoking ass there too. Who do you think will win? Juan says he will get big men to force me into the car..... *eyeroll*

I told him to stop smoking and I'll go...he says nothing is wrong with him as he coughs up a lung every morning. Hell..maybe we'l get our wish and die together! Same time, same minute..same last breath...

So...anyway... this is my blog and if I see comments I don't like I'll exercise my right to delete. I'm exceptionally good at using buttons that say BLOCK and DELETE. So, don't bother.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Last Straw

I thought back in 2006 when two of my friends didn't even recognize me due to weight gain that I had finally hit rock bottom. It is extremely embarrassing to stand in a store with your sister and have people who used to live across the street from you say, "Where is Rene?" True, I had delivered yet another baby and I tried to use that as an excuse. But the real culprit was stress eating and my refusal to say no to it. BTW, I didn't believe stress eating was real until it happened to me. Saying no is easier said than done!

In 2011 I met my soul mate and the two of us jumped off the deep end. Friends and family were left in a whirlwind of dismay and many, many questions. Unfortunately, only my true friends bothered to ask ME what was going on. The others felt it was better to discuss my decisions behind my back. 2011 found me with far fewer friends and family than I had claimed in years past. If you're planning to run off with another man, take some time to make a list of friends and family members  Now guess which ones will honestly stick by you. If you can claim a small handful, consider yourself lucky. Okay now tuck that list away and look back on it after you've done your idiotic deed.

This sort of behavior can also leave you about 25-30 pounds lighter. I don't recommend this method of weight loss.

So here I am in 2013 and Juan and I are now old news. My weight loss is also old news but that is the least of my worries. I have only told about four people this but since I plan to make some very healthy changes in 2013, I'll go ahead and say it now. I found a lump. Right side. The bad part? I found it about a year ago. Please don't beat me up over not going to the doctor. Owning your own business leaves you with few options in the insurance department. You either afford it or you don't.

So now I feel tired with shortness of breath and loads of back pain. I figure if I write on this blog that I'll visit the doctor, these written words will make that visit more probable. I hate doctors. I hate admitting that I'm sick. I told a good friend, Jolene from According to Jolene, about my lumpy issue and if she hadn't been in Canada, I might have been hit in the head. She told me about her healthy eating and asked me to watch Fat Head, a video created in 2009. To my surprise, eating healthy is just the opposite of what I have been doing and even of what I thought I SHOULD be doing.

As you can see, my blog is called Ditching Carbs. Back in the 90's a friend and I ventured out and joined up with the Atkins diet. I lasted all of two weeks. I wish I would have kept going. I'm hoping that I can do it now. I'm hoping that this change in my lifestyle will aid in helping me get better and feel more like myself. I want to live a long life with this soul mate of mine.

So here is what you can expect to find on my blog:

  • My  honest feelings about low-carbing.
  • Doctor updates.
  • Probably a lot of insurance issues.
  • And hopefully a lot of success.
  • Recipes I've tried and liked (with proper credit) and recipes that I make up!

So what are the chances that my lump is nothing after a year? I'll let you know. Here's hoping!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Frozen in Wyoming

Yes, I do realize that my post title might be a little extreme but when you've lived most of your life in Texas, FROZEN is definitely the word to use. Am I right to assume that their rain falls in the form of snow? While passing through Kansas in 17 degree weather Juan froze the windshield. (AGAIN: People in Texas don't know not to do these things!) Let me tell you about it: We're driving and the sun is coming up behind us. Temp on the mirror thingy says 24 degrees when suddenly out of nowhere a giant bug splats on the windshield. Normally Juan just hits the washer fluid and flips the windshield wipers on. But wait! This morning something gross is covering the windshield. "What is that?" I ask.

"Crap!" (Juan uses more colorful words but I'll keep this blog PG)  At first I think that we've neglected cleaning our windshield again. This truck visits many job sites so we've ditched cleaning efforts. Yes, that's bad.

"It's ice!" I bust out laughing and he pulls over to the side of the road. The guys following behind us move to the shoulder as well. Juan stares at the windshield as I flip on the defroster. "We have to thaw it out."

Juan climbs out of the truck and looks back at the guys who are wondering what's up. Having a few minutes on our hands, he lights a cigarette and walks back to let them know what he's done. "They didn't believe me." He states when he returns.

Soon the windshield is defrosted and I inform him that this is definitely Facebook publishing material. But I've decided it's worth blogging about now.

So for a girl that vowed in her teens never to leave the south, here I sit in Casper, Wyoming. It' beautiful...but cold. I've been to Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Texas. (God bless TEXAS!!!) I love you, Texas!!! I really do. It's my favorite state and as soon as I got here I was whining, "Juan!!! I want to go back to Texas!!!" I'm sure the natives find me pathetic. I don't care.

So now I've passed through Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado and Wyoming. I sit two hours from the state line of Montana and want to go so bad. Juan says, "I would rather fly."

"But we never will!" I remind him. You see, we are two people who talk about travel but hate to leave the comforts of home. Already we miss  our bed/TV set up as well as our office. But we did get a new Bunn so now we'll have coffee in our kitchen and home office! YAY!!! <----Perk to travel. Anyway, I was saying that I'm two hours from Montana. What's the big deal you ask? My Uncle Jim.

For as long as I can remember my uncle talked about living in Montana. He talked about it so much that I wanted to live in Montana. But for someone who had vowed never to leave the south, I couldn't make that happen. Well, I could but I was being silly. Anyway, when I said "Wyoming is beautiful! I want to live here!!!" (this was before I stepped out of the truck and into 40 mph winds of bone chilling coldness) my ex said, "And you'll be there one day and realize that your kids are all the way over here!" He's right. To make sense, we were sitting at the job site when he called to check up on our location. Not sure if I've mentioned it before but we remain friends...it's weird and rare and our kids are lucky so stop concentrating on the weird part.

Do you see how I've chased a rabbit? So back to Montana. Juan is right, IF we finally decide to travel, Montana would be a nice place to see in the summer. But I wanna go now!!!!

Also, the weather girl here said that we might be seeing some snow on Monday. Snow in Texas falls and melts. Here there are still snow patches all over the ground. I want to touch it but I know it's cold. This will be the first time I've ever seen snow fall up north (it's actually the first time I've seen "up north"). I count myself lucky to get to experience this. Really, I do. Oh, I've taken some pictures of our trip up here and will post them on my Casper, WY Share Site!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Kindle Author - Discover New Writers!

KINDLE READERS!!!! I've posted this before (and no, I get no compensation...just love the site!) and have to post again. I get books for FREE!!!! Good books... Authors sometimes offer their books for free for a day or so... I've gone back to look at a book I've gotten for free only to find it's now $9.99! Seriously... bookmark this site...and LIKE them on FB!!! http://kindle-author.com/

Okay, seriously...that was my post on Facebook. LOL I copied and pasted...but I really want people to have adequate reading material.  :-)

That being said, please check out When Darkness Lifts...written by me...just using Paige Daniels because I like the name better. :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Almost October!

I love October! It's my favorite month here in Texas since the weather finally starts to cool off. I'm still fighting to get back to blogging but I'm just too scatter-brained! Anyway, cooler weather makes me think even more of candles and tarts than I normally do and I wanted to share some of my favorite fall creations from 2009!

Candy Corn Candle!
Mini Pumpkin Tarts! (Harvest Moon)

I miss making candles and tarts and hope to get back to it soon! When it comes to the production, I'm pretty good...it's the marketing and selling that I have a problem with!