Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remember the Sonshine Girls "Series?"

I have refrained from venting about my book, Sonshine Girls: Summer Secret. In 2008 I was approached by a publisher (Summertime Books) and offered a contract that would see at least five more books published in this series. I have completed book two and have books three and four half complete. The publisher violated the contract and has since dropped off the face of the earth. The book is still for sale on Amazon--- PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE AS I GET NO ROYALTIES--- and it is still selling. I can tell by the drop in rank numbers..it goes lower, there's been a sale.

My good friend and publisher at Tide Dancer Publications has tried without success to reach the owner of this publishing company. The only complaint that I received from my publisher in a beat-around-the-bush-manner was that I didn't market my books enough. I'm shy...extremely shy. I have Social Anxiety Disorder. Picking up a phone puts knots in my stomach. I repeated this over and over. Before anyone says anything, YES..I realize that authors play a big part in marketing their books. I did my personal best. I know that. Summertime Books published my book with a beautiful cover...and then, just dropped the ball. I'm not a publicist...I'm not a marketer. I'm a reclusive author. I sucked it up for book signings...The least they can do is contact me via email. At least send me my royalties!

This publisher took away my ability to publish my other books in this series. They would have been:

Sonshine Girls: Summer Secret
Sonshine Girls: Operation Salvation
Sonshine Girls: The Trouble with Joy
Sonshine Girls: Head Over Heals

Those are the titles that I was working on... Operation Salvation is complete. My contract is due to end this year and I hope that will give me my rights back? The contract should be void due to the fact that the publisher handed over the company and ME to another individual. It was written in the contract that this could not be done. If anyone has any other information, please let me know. I want to either publish myself (I feel safer that way) or publish with Tide Dancer Publications.

I have had many people ask about when this series would continue... let me say that I am ready to go... and my books are in the works. I'm sorry that this has taken such a bad turn!


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